Dirty Garden Girls Prolapse

Hey there guys and welcome back as always. We have another dirty garden girls scene here with more lovely babes to see and we bet you’ll adore it. This scene brings you the sexy mature with blue eyes that you got to see int the past along with this blonde babe with blue eyes and the two of them are about to get down and dirty with one another. We know how much you enjoy the extreme insertions and nasty sex scenes here, so rest assured that this is no ordinary lesbian fuck either. So let’s get on with it as you get to see the mature having a prolapse while the blonde gets to put her hands to good use and fist fuck her up the ass for the better part of this nasty dirtygardengirl scene here!

Once again, that black living room couch gets to be put to good use as always and the babes don’t hesitate to start off right away with their kissing and caressing of one another. And naturally, lingerie and most clothing flies off as the two are superbly eager to get to have a go at one another’s sexy asses. The blonde gets around to start playing with her buddy’s ass and you can see her using her expert hands to get to play with her pussy too, but of course, the best part is when you get to see her using those hands to fist fuck her buddy nice and deep as she moans in pleasure. So take your time to enjoy the show and we’ll be back next week with some more all new and all fresh dirtygardengirl updates!


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DirtyGarden Girl

Hey there and welcome back to dirtygarden girl and a pretty well themed scene today. As you know, Halloween was just around last week and it seems that our brunette cougar wanted to stay in theme even for this one to celebrate. So what that meant was that she wanted to get herself a slutty little outfit and then play nasty in front of the cameras and you all. Well, let’s get right into it and you can enjoy the mature babe shoving stuff up her ass once more in this dirtygardengirl scene. As you can see she had a nice and big basket of apples and her ass was hungry to get a stretching. Sit back and watch her insert things in her nice and round ass once more and enjoy the dirty garden girl view!

Her living room couch was going to be put to good use once again this afternoon and as you can clearly see as we mentioned, she’s sporting a sexy outfit to begin with. She seems to have went for the witch theme, but most of her clothes are pink. Save for the pointy hat which is black and her thigh highs which are black with orange and in a striped pattern. Anyway, do enjoy the the babe laying on her back and spreading her long and sexy legs for you. See her moan in pleasure while she stuffs those apples up her bum and you can see her pop them out as well. We’re going to be back again next week with another dirtygardengirl update so make sure that you guys stay tuned for more!


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DirtyGardenGirl – Crazy Prolapse Video

Another fresh week and time to see some more new and hot dirtygardengirl action as always. Like we promised, we have some more hot videos to show off and just like last time they are just amazing to watch. This video scene was taken with the sexy Nikky and you know her as the blonde that got to have some fun with Donna in the bathtub. Well today she’s back for some more action just like then and you can be sure that it’s quite amazing to see dirty garden girl on video too. We know that you guys are really really eager to see the hotties as they get to get down and dirty with one another so let’s not delay the scene any longer shall we?

The two ladies get to start off the scene already naked and having their fun in the hot water. Well by fun, we mean that you can see them kissing and caressing one another’s nude bodies passionately to set the mood even better after all of this. Well after all that, Nikky gets to bend over first and she gets to receive a nice and hard fist fucking from Donna. So watch that ass getting fisted fast and hard as the blonde moans in pleasure and then see her rewarding Donna with the same treatment as well. We know you’ll love it and do check out the past scenes as well for more superb scenes just like this one as well everyone. We’ll be back soon!

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DirtyGardenGirl – Ass Destruction Video

Well here we are once again guys and gals. Today is a special day too. Namely because dirtygardengirl brings you something as a tank you for following us for so long, but also because we have a bit of a new format. From this day onward, you can also expect to see some rather kinky and hot videos with Donna and her buddies around the place as well. And to start off we have this first one in which you get to see her do some more of her nasty and naughty play sessions for you. She’s solo once more, but don’t think that this makes the show even less amazing. So let the cameras roll and let’s get to watch dirty garden girl in action once again.

The sexy and hot mature wanted to see how much space she could fill inside her ass and of course, it’s really impressive too. She had these smaller basketballs and she was going to try to fit them all inside. Sure enough she got around to stuff no less than three of them and then as she bent over, you get to see the naughty and nasty babe, pop each and every one of them out one after the other too. And of course, at the end of it you get to see her ass having a classy prolapse as well. So enjoy it and we will be seeing you as usual next week with another new and hot gallery to show off!

Self Anal Fisting

Welcome to more new and hot dirtygardengirl scenes with the naughty and sexy mature Donna. As we said, we have more new scenes for you to see and it’s as hot as always. Well this time the babe took another trip to a mountainous region and a nice little small cabin. Of course, she had the place all to herself over the weekend and she was going to be making the most of the situation too. And of course, that meant that she would be getting to have all the privacy that she needed in order to be nasty. Oh and do check out the past scenes as well and you will get to watch her have more anal intensive fun with more of her buddies in past scenes too.

Anyway, let’s come back to the nice and hot scene at hand and see the slutty woman get to fuck herself hard style for your enjoyment once more. The scene starts with her making her entry wearing just a body suit that was see through mostly and it had some nice revealing holes where her pussy and ass were. You can pretty much guess why that was and why she wanted to wear it and so, she gets to the staircase where she takes her spot to start playing. Watch dirtygardengirl presenting you with a glorious view of her sexy round ass as she also gets to fuck herself nice and deep in in the butt with her very own hand today too. Enjoy it and goodbye!

dirtygardengirl Self anal fisting

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Rubber Fist

Your favorite dirtygardengirl is back once more. This time with some more naughty solo scenes and enjoying some more self pleasing. Well she got herself another new toy this day and she was simply dying to try it out as well. It was a nice and huge dildo in the shape of a fist and she was very very eager to get to put it to some good use in this scene just for you and her pleasure too. So as you can pretty much guess she was super horny and ready. To play with the said toy she wanted to break it in after a relaxing bath, so naturally she took it with her in the tub as well. Well let’s not delay and see her getting around to be naughty again.

DirtyGardenGirl Rubber fist The sexy short haired brunette mature takes her time to put on a nice and wild solo show for you to see as well as she gets around to wash herself and put that sizzling hot naked body of hers on display for you as well. Well the time came for dirty garden girl to put the naughty toy to use, and you can see her placing her feet on the side of the tub to grant you one nice view of that completely shaved wet pussy that’s very very eager to be penetrated by something nice and big. Enjoy watching her fuck herself with the huge dildo today and have fun with the whole thing. As always you can expect to see more of her new galleries next week as well!

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DirtyGardenGirl – Roughly Fisted

Well, the sexy and classy dirtygardengirl comes back yet again and this time with some regular company too. Though, in this scene as you can see, the company itself is a nice stud. And this was because the babe wanted to experience some BDSM this afternoon as well in addition to her regular ass and pussy stretching action. And she wanted this person doing the whole domination thing to be a male. Well let’s get around to see her having some sensual fun with the dom today as she gets to be tied up and then fucked and rest assured that this is one scene not to skip over if you want to see the naughty lady in action once more today.

As the cameras roll, the naughty mature makes her entry and you can see that for this one she was sporting quite the cute coral blue dress. And after her comes in the guy as well wearing a mask. Well you can bet that dirty garden girl had no lingerie underneath as she was very very ready to get to have fun with the guy. So watch her hands get tied up and her legs in just about the same spot to make sure that her legs were spread wide open too. Then you get to see the dom lube up his hand nicely and you can see her adoring his manly hand as he gets to fist fuck her nice ass thoroughly for this whole scene this nice afternoon too. Sit back and enjoy it! Also you might enter the http://lexingtonsteele.org/ site if you wanna see other beauties getting their tight asses stretched!

DirtyGardenGirl roughly fisted

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Fisting Holes

Another fresh week and time for some more of your naughty babe’s dirtygardengirl scenes to be brought to you once more. This time the naughty mature lady would have to play by herself as all her friends couldn’t make it over to play with her. But one thing that you need to know is that that’s not going to be stopping her from having some nasty fun. You see, she does enjoy the company as it makes things way more interesting but she’s not below getting around to do some self pleasing either. So without due, let’s take our time to see her play all alone this afternoon in one amazing and hot solo self pleasing scene as well shall we everyone?

DirtyGardenGirl prolapsing holes The hot and sexy mature lady Donna had everything set up in her bedroom and for this kinky occasion she got around to wear her slutty and sexy fishnet outfit. And nothing else. Which basically was composed of a top and her thigh high stockings. Well of course, there was quite a lot to see and enjoy of dirty garden girl amazing body, but she was getting more and more horny and hard to do something about it. So take your time to see her starting to fist fuck her pussy first as it was getting dripping wet in eagerness!

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DirtyGardenGirl – Prolapse In The Kitchen

This week has another new and hot dirtygardengirl scene all ready for you to see and enjoy and you can bet that it’s as amazing as always. Well the babe knows how much you adore seeing her toying with her ass until she gets to experience some prolapses and this update is no different either. Though for this one, the set was the kitchen as she wanted to prove to one of her fuck buddies that she can take quite some nice and big fruit in her ass without problems. So obviously, since her buddy didn’t believe her, Donna set out to prove her wrong in this new dirty garden girl scene today. Well, let’s sit back and enjoy this gallery without delay today too!

Clothes came off quick and Donna took her spot on top of the counter joined by some big things by her side to prove herself. And sure enough she gets to show off just what she can shove in her ass. And of course, the female buddy of hers was really happy to get to see it all. The thing is that the babes started to get horny, especially Donna and so it all ended with the other lady fist fucking the mature once again. And once again she proceeded to have her ass stretched until she got to have a anal prolapse this afternoon once more. We hope that you enjoyed your stay here today and as always you can come back next week for some more!

DirtyGardenGirl prolapse in the kitchen

Take a look at this insane prolapse scene!

Open Range

Hey there once more everyone and as usual welcome back to an all new and hot dirtygardengirl update today. This time the babe decided to go and have a bit of outdoor fun as it was a nice and warm day outside and she was more than happy to get to have some sweet fun for your viewing pleasure as well. For her scene today she took a trip to a nice and big open field where she was going to play and she made herself a make shift bench of sorts to play on this afternoon. And you can bet that she was going to be getting naughty as well. Do check out the past dirty garden girl scenes as well to see the naughty babe getting her ass fisted too and pleased.

DirtyGardenGirl OPEN RANGE The outfit she had on this time was a simple but very sexy dress with just her high heels. And the trick is she was packing no lingerie underneath either. Well you can bet that she took her trusty nice and big black dildo with her as she couldn’t just sit there and loom pretty. She definitely gets a kick when she gets to be slutty in the open field, so you can bet that doing some hard style self fucking was in order this afternoon too. Watch her take that huge black dildo in her ass and see her enjoying her afternoon ride on it this afternoon. We hope to see dirtygardengirl doing more outdoor stuff in the future too as she was just simply amazing in this one!

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