Ass Destruction Video – DirtyGardenGirl

Well here we are once again guys and gals. Today is a special day too. Namely because dirtygardengirl brings you something as a tank you for following us for so long, but also because we have a bit of a new format. From this day onward, you can also expect to see some rather kinky and hot videos with Donna and her buddies around the place as well. And to start off we have this first one in which you get to see her do some more of her nasty and naughty play sessions for you. She’s solo once more, but don’t think that this makes the show even less amazing. So let the cameras roll and let’s get to watch dirty garden girl in action once again.

The sexy and hot mature wanted to see how much space she could fill inside her ass and of course, it’s really impressive too. She had these smaller basketballs and she was going to try to fit them all inside. Sure enough she got around to stuff no less than three of them and then as she bent over, you get to see the naughty and nasty babe, pop each and every one of them out one after the other too. And of course, at the end of it you get to see her ass having a classy prolapse as well. So enjoy it and we will be seeing you as usual next week with another new and hot gallery to show off!