DirtyGardenGirl – Lady Kestler

Hey there guys, we’re back this week with more of your favorite babe and her naughty dirtygardengirl scenes. As you know, this is simply the best place to go to when you want to see a mature babe like Donna getting her nice butt put on display as she generally does really naughty stuff to herself. Well this scene of hers is more of just that and as always, the babe has more company to enjoy as she gets to be really naughty and kinky too. This week, she’s joined by her buddy Kestler and the two of them set out to have more kinky anal fun for your viewing pleasure without delay this fine afternoon. So let’s get the cameras rolling and see them playing with one another.

The mature babe Donna this time had a nice looking racing outfit on herself and she sure looked super hot and sexy too. Take the time to see dirty garden girl and her friend as they do take their time to tease you as much as they want with their sexy clothing today and then see Donna take her spot on a chair as she was really eager to get to have that ass toyed with again. So take your time to sit back and relax as you can see her spreading her legs one more time and letting Kestler fist fuck her ass until she gets another anal prolapse in this scene too. Have fun with the view and we’re going to be back next time with more new scenes for you!

DirtyGardenGirl LADY KESTLER

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Kinky Nikky in action

This new dirtygardengirl scene for the afternoon shifts focus from Donna for this time. Donna has a new buddy named Nikky that always wanted to learn how to take a proper ass fucking from anything and Donna was more than happy to help her out. You see, after she learns to take some hands up her sexy and tight ass, you can bet that she’s going to be able to fit just about anything in it too. And you can bet that with a teacher like Donna, this babe is in safe hands, both literally and figuratively too. Well let’s check out their scene and watch them being all naughty and kinky too shall we? We can guarantee that you will just love seeing them play today.

DirtyGardenGirl Kinky niky The whole action takes place in the bathroom as the babes were enjoying a nice and relaxing bubble bath first to relax and unwind. Well when the blonde was ready, the sexy mature babe Donna has dirtygardengirl bend over and present her cute and round ass. And you can bet that you get to see Donna play with this babe’s eager little pussy as well for a nice while before anything else. Well anyway, after all that prepping, watch sexy blonde miss Nikky as she gets her nice and sexy butt fist fucked today and see her enjoying the experience quite a lot too. See you soon with more of Donna’s sexual exploits in the future scenes everyone.

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DirtyGardenGirl – Isabella, Sofia and Donna

Another fresh week and time for some more new dirtygardengirl scenes to be seen as always. Well this time it was time for some more costumed partying to get done and you can enjoy it all here once more. Donna called on two of her buddies that you got to see in some of her past scenes as well for this afternoon. Their names are Isabella, the brunette babe, Sofia, the blonde and of course we have our mature slut Donna playing with them as well today too. As you will see, all three ladies got to wear kinky costumes once more as this time they ended up fucking after some partying in a costumed party with just the three of them. Well let’s see the action.

Isabella was wearing a red outfit while Sofia and Donna both had black colored ones. Anyway, all three of them dirty garden girl were looking really sexy and you can bet that they started to kiss and caress one another passionately for the cameras and you to see as well. Well you can pretty much safely bet that the cuties don’t take long to get into position and form this naughty little fuck train of sorts with each and every one of them with their hands in one another’s asses fucking each other. Well except Isabella, the cute brunette had a nice and big dildo in hers that was giving her stimulation. She’s still rather new to all this so fisting would be a bit too extreme.

DirtyGardenGirl Isabella, Sofia and Donna

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Cervix Prolapse

Hey there once again guys and gals and welcome to more naughty scenes. Your favorite dirtygardengirl is back once again this week with more naughty galleries to show off and it’s just too good to pass up on seeing this afternoon. We know that you just adore seeing her treating her holes rough every scene and she does some more of just that this week too. Up until now you got to see her manhandling her nice ass mostly with all kinds of kinky scenes, but today she wants to show off that her pussy is more than capable of doing just the same thing as well. So let’s not waste time and get her show going to see her be kinky and wild once more!

DirtyGardenGirl huge cervix prolapse Well since dirty garden girl just adores doing her holes hard style, you can bet that she gives her cunt the same stretching treatment to her pussy as well. And to boot, for this scene she was just sporting a night dress with a leopard print on and nothing else really. So you can enjoy her slutty outfit as well while she gets to stretch her cunt. Of course, to help her out, you get to see her using another nice and huge sex toy to achieve that as well. So take your time to watch the babe pumping that pussy with the humongous toy today and see her getting to have a cervix prolapse for her pussy this afternoon too. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you soon!

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DirtyGardenGirl – Fisting Teacher

If you thought that Donna was done with last week’s dirtygardengirl scene to teach the ways of enjoying fist fucking in the ass or pussy you are very wrong. You see, the babe was not even remotely done and so you get to see her do some more exposition with her sexy and kinky self. And of course, another babe in a schoolgirl outfit was there to help her out. You know that Donna rarely likes to play alone and that’s very obvious by her amazing past scenes too. Speaking of which, do check out the one with the sexy and hot porn star Ava Devine as well if you want to see the babe getting naughty and nasty with another sexy, hot babe!

Anyway, let’s get back to the current scene and see miss Donna in some more fisting scenes today too. This time the sexy hottie gets to take the time to show you how a hard style fisting is suppose to be received and so she takes her spot on the couch with legs spread open. The other babe with the black mask gets to work and you can see that Donna was thoroughly enjoying this as she was moaning loudly in pleasure while the other babe worked her nice ass fast and hard with her fisting session today. As always take your time to enjoy it and do come back next week for more new and hot galleries featuring more anal pleasing action.

DirtyGardenGirl fisting teacher

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Fisting School

Well for this new and fresh dirtygardengirl update, the mature babe wanted to do something a bit special. She had more friends over to help out with it too and you get to see it all as always. Today she wants to teach everyone the proper way to fisting and prolapsing and for the occasion she had her buddies dress up in schoolgirl outfits as well with the occasion. Well let’s watch our trio of hot and kinky babes as they get around to put on another new and kinky show for you and let’s watch some more wild anal play in this scene as well. So let’s get the cameras rolling without delay and see the babes at play with one another shall we?

DirtyGardenGirl fisting school The ladies themselves were very happy to get to play with Donna’s ass too so they were more than happy with it. Anyway, as the dirty garden girl scene starts off, the babes do take their time to tease you a bit as they show off their sexy outfits as well. As always Donna gets to bend over and the other two cuties start to explain as they do their thing as they start to fist fuck their “teacher” today. So watch them fisting the mature’s ass for a good while and then watch her having an anal proplapse as well by the end of it all. Do come back next week for another new and hot scene with more naughty anal scenes and we will be seeing you then with more content!

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DirtyGardenGirl – Enormous Size Speculum

It’s time to get to see another naughty and sexy dirtygardengirl scene with your favorite hottie and more of her buddies too. This time as you can see, it’s a luscious and sexy blonde and rest assured that she’s just as kinky and wild as Donna as well. The two babes were sporting some kinky slutty nurse costumes for this one. And that was mainly because it fit the whole theme of things too. They got their slutty little hands on some medical equipment, namely a speculum, which is used to stretch out the pussy or ass in some cases. Well you can bet that the two slutty babes jumped at the chance to play with it as soon as they knew what it was useful for.

The scene begins with them making their entry in the said outfits and we think that you will appreciate just how kinky and hot the two of them looked while dressed up too. Well as you can bet they were pretty eager to get to use the said toy and so they just go for it. Take the time to see sexy Donna on the receiving end as well and watch her buddy use the apparatus on her ass first. Then you can see her easily sliding her hand inside her nice ass after she stretched it properly too. Of course, Donna’s pussy was next as well and you get to see it all only here today. Enjoy it and we will be back next time with another new and fresh scene for you!

DirtyGardenGirl enormous size speculum

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Double Fisting

Another fresh week and time to check out some more of our favorite anal slut Donna this week as well. You know just what she’s into and you know she likes to do it hard style as well. Well this dirtygardengirl gallery fits the norm pretty well too as she has another new and hot buddy to help her out with her afternoon pleasing this afternoon too. So let’s take the time to see the mature sexy babe as she gets more of just what she loves, namely some nice and hard style fist fucking sessions in this one as well. You are going to adore this one too as it’s always amazing to watch this fine woman getting those naughty holes of hers stretched to their limits too. So let’s get started.

DirtyGardenGirl double fisting The cameras start to roll and the dark haired mature makes her entry. And as you can see she was sporting another superb and sexy lingerie set. And it was all black too. By now you know that she just adores wearing the stuff as it makes her look even sexier too. Anyway, sit back and watch her take her spot on the couch as then you can see her spread those mighty fine legs of hers to grant you some generous views of dirty garden girl pussy and ass too. And no later her buddy starts to double fist fuck her both in the pussy and ass too this afternoon. Enjoy seeing her enjoying the amazing and hard style double pleasing this afternoon and have fun with it today!

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DirtyGardenGirl and Proxy Paige

This week’s new and fresh dirtygardengirl update has more of Donna getting around to play with more of her buddies too. And special guest this week is another babe as dirty minded and kinky as her named Proxy Paige. Miss Paige is what you would call a truly wild little babe and that can be observed straight from her style. She has shoulder long hair dyed in various shades of blue and multiple piercings on her persona too. You bet that she looks quite sexy too and one wouldn’t normally know just what this naughty little lady is into. Well rest assured that you get to lean today as she gets around to spend her time with Donna and you can enjoy the scene this afternoon!

The gallery has the babes playing anal games with one another and rest assured that Paige knows exactly how the mature hottie likes her ass treated. Do take your time to watch them play around with each other as well and see them as they get to kiss and caress one another’s amazingly hot and sexy bodies. Then Donna gets to bend over for her friend to have easier access to her naughty ass and you can see Paige starting to tease her eager hole. First she starts fucking her ass with just a few fingers but soon you get to see Paige sliding her whole hand in that ass and giving it a hard style fisting this afternoon. And she continues until she gives her buddy a anal prolapse today too!


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Destroy Both Her Holes

Well for today we have quite the hot and sexy dirtygardengirl update for you to see. Donna decided to be quite naughty once more and for this scene she took to the outdoors. Well she was on a boat for the whole thing which we think that made things all that more interesting too. In her new scene this time you get to see the babe stretching her ass and pussy to their limit as she wants to try to stuff different things in them too. If you want to see more of this naughty babe, check out her past scenes too and see her fucking her ass with big toys too and enjoy it. Meanwhile, let’s get back to the scene at hand and see the babe trying to impress you with her eager holes as well for today!

DirtyGardenGirl DESTROY BOTH HER HOLES Like we said, the babe just loves to be naughty and this scene was done on a nice little boat. First order of business on dirty garden girl agenda was to get naked, and you get to see her strip as she presents you with some nice views of that simply amazing naked body of hers as well. After that the real session began and you get to see her pull out a toy of sorts. And it was quite big too. Sit back and watch this babe attempting to take it as deep as she can in her putt and and it’s quite impressive when you see just how this babe stretches her cunt today. Of course, after that her ass was next and you know the deal. Anyway, we’re off for now and we’ll be back soon with more of her scenes for you to see and enjoy.

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